Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Proposal Date - Part 1

You've finally summed up the courage and made the wonderful decision that you're ready to go down on one knee. 

But we're guessing there's another question weighing heavily on your mind alongside 'Will you marry me?', and that is 'Where on earth, and how on earth am I going to do this?!'

So, if you've decided to mark the occasion with more than just a Big Mac, here's Part 1 of our advice on how to perform the perfect proposal!

(Please note: Given that it's still commonplace for a gentleman to ask his lady for her hand in marriage, we're going to stick to this assumed norm when referring to the proposer (he) and the proposee (she). If there are any soon to be Mr and Mr's, Mrs and Mrs or very brave girls about to ask their man the question, please do not be offended…!)

1) At home or abroad?
Whilst we'd usually start with 'find yourself a hot date', we're sort of hoping you've got that one covered this time. That being the case, we'll move swiftly on to picking the right location.
First things first, you need to decide whether to do the deed at home or abroad, and there are of course pros and cons to both. Popping the question on holiday gives you the bliss of time away to really soak up the excitement of the engagement (as long as you PROMISE not to leave it until the last day… if the love of your life has even the slightest suspicion of what you're about to do, every day 'sans-ring' will be torture). On the other hand, you're perhaps more likely to take your beloved by surprise if there are no grand holiday plans to accompany your proposal. For the best of both worlds, how about proposing the day before you go off on holiday? That way you'll catch her by surprise and still have the joys of an 'engagement-moon'.

2) When and where?
Perhaps the most important rule of the proposal date is that it can NEVER be too romantic. Yes boys, it's time to reach out to your inner woman and get sentimental. So if the timing's right (please don't wait a whole year just for effect!) ask her on the anniversary of the first time you met or the first time you kissed (…apparently there are people out there who remember such dates...). Perhaps you could take her to the bar where you had your first date or to a place that has a special importance in your relationship. 
Think about the timing too, as this can also help to achieve an element of surprise. What about a proposal over breakfast - sure to be unexpected and with the added bonus of having the whole day ahead to enjoy your new status (although it will require a follow up celebratory lunch and potentially dinner too, so this could be an expensive option!).

3) Activity and budget
Everyone likes an unusual engagement story, and given that you will be inundated with requests to repeat a step by step account, you may as well make it interesting! There are of course plenty of big budget options to wow your intended, from hot air balloon rides to a trip up the Eiffel Tower but you can be equally impressive on a small budget too. A romantic picnic in her favourite London park, a never-to-be-forgotton walk to the top of a hill, a hired boat and a bottle of Champagne…

Tell us all about your own engagement story, or great stories you've heard from friends, by leaving a comment below… we'd LOVE to hear them!

Keep an eye out for Part 2 including advice on "accessories" (yes that includes the ring!), getting creative, and what happens after you've popped the question. If you can't wait until then, check out the full article now on


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