Tuesday, 20 September 2011

'Ultimate Attraction'

You may think you've got your flirting technique down to a fine art, but how good are you at reading the signs from your opposite number?! Well, if you could use a little help in that department, head on down to the gorgeous National History Museum for their evening masterclass on 30th September, where social anthropologist and flirting mastermind, Jean Smith, will teach you everything you need to know!

This will undoubtedly be an hysterical way to spend an evening. The team promise you'll learn how to recognise, and effectively utilise, signals given by men and women to display romantic interest, as well as teaching courting rituals, borrowed from our animal friends, to make yourself completely irresistible. You'll also get to meet a perfume expert, Odette Toilette, who will be talking about the science of smell and choosing the perfect scent.

So go on, take your date and have a real giggle - you might even learn something new!

The Ultimate Attraction Masterclass is being held at The Natural History Museum (Flett Theatre, Exhibition Road Entrance) at 7pm on Friday 30th September. Tickets are £30 for non members. For more information see www.nhm.ac.uk

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