Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Office Party

We've all been to them - cringeworthy in the extreme, but at the same time a bizarre bonding experience and rite of passage.

Well, think of all your embarrassing office party memories and imagine them turned in to experimental theatre where actors and cabaret stars are interspersed with audience members/office recruits and nobody knows what's real and what's scripted.  Think of it like being an extra in "The Office"!

We couldn't resist finding out more so sent our intrepid explorer, Em Bell, along to get all the gossip from The Office Party...

"The Office Party. We’ve all been to them before. Where everyone dresses up uncomfortably to mingle with people they don’t really know or like. Where people who never spoke a word in the office are suddenly snogging the married guy from accounts on the dance floor and puking down the stairs. It’s a time that most people like to forget. People drink through the pain of the event and this results in behaviour that should never be seen in public. Snogging, puking, sharing stories that should never be told… You know the drill. Well, grab all of that horrendous awkwardness and throw it into an evening at the Product Solutions HQ on North Road in Islington… "

Click here to read Em's full review. And, if you're brave enough, then click here to book tickets for the fantastic Office Party, which runs until December 17th. Just remember, you'll end up with one hell of a hangover!

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