Monday, 24 September 2012

The Jugged Hare

We sent the lovely Charlotte off to review The Jugged Hare with her date... it made me laugh when she submitted her review and emailed me to say the following:

"This place really is a man’s pub (fully of city boys) – I was one of the only women eating, and the veggie option on the menu said “Vegetarian - £12” with no explanation. Quite funny. 

At the same time I’d really recommend it. Just not if you’re a girly girl or a veggie! 

There are pigs heads in a glass cabinet as you go to the loo and stags heads on the walls. Right up my street but not for all! "

Intrigued? Click here to read of her full review and see what she made of it. But it's safe to say, she'll be back!

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