Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Tired of the same old restaurants? Read on to find out about something VERY different! In fact, we are not even talking about a restaurant, we are talking about a bustaurant! That's right - the Rootmaster is a restaurant on an old Routemaster bus!

So, if you are looking for a quirky date we think we've come up trumps. You can start your date off by grabbing a drink at one of our East London favourite haunts The Boundary, or go to any of the trendy bars within the eternally hip Truman Brewery.

Once you've quenched your thirst, head along to the bus, located in Ely's Yard which is part of the Truman Brewery. The Rootmaster is London's first vegan bustaurant. Founded in 2006 it aims to promote healthly living and respect for the environment, but if that all sounds too noble for you, don't worry - it is also a fantastically original venue in its own right serving delicious grub! Anyway, it will do you good to have a conscience for the night - it might even impress your date...

Having said that, if your date is a serious carnivore they might not love you for taking them to the Rootmaster but we think even hardened meat eaters should allow themselves one night off to come to this brilliant bustaurant. Renowned for it's relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff it would make a great option for a first date.

You'll get turfed off the bus at 11pm (10.30pm on Sunday) but that doesn't mean your night has to be over. There are loads of late night venues in the area but one of our favourites has got to be The Brickhouse. They offer live cabaret every night so you and your date are guaranteed to be entertained until the wee small hours!

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  1. this place looks great - even if it is vegan!