Monday, 19 April 2010

Sitting in a Tree

Sitting in a Tree is an online dating and matchmaking site that's different, refreshing and fun. Started and run by real-life love gurus who know what makes for a great relationship; their success rate is second to none!

Having met the three lovely ladies who set up Sitting in a Tree we can safely say that they are on your side! Having heard the laments of many an ex-online dater, their aim is to elevate the internet experience to a new, friendlier, more enjoyable level.

So, what makes it different to other online dating sites? Well, take a look below:

"We’ve got two choices for you folks looking for love. The online bit is a community for you to seek out the perfect partner in a fun way. If you want to get to know a fair bit about people before you commit to a date, have a look through our illuminating profiles - they tell you what the person’s really like. If you want to meet up, we make that part easy too, calendar functions, venue suggestions, the works. The only thing we don’t do is come on the date with you. That would be weird."

"If you don’t have much free time to spend picking people yourself, we can do the legwork for you. So long as you jump the right hurdles and sound like our cup of tea, we let you into the fold. We’ve got a bespoke London-based service where we personally match you using our own magic methods."

As you know, we don't usually promote online dating and matchmaking sites but we really love because they tell it like it is. The site is all about being honest and not discovering any nasty surprises when turn up for your date!

These girls have successfully "matchmade" most of their friends - why not give them a chance with you?

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