Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sam's Brasserie Chiswick

Much like a like first date, when I go to review a restaurant I'm hoping for a good first impression. Turning up at Sam's Brasserie I was feeling pretty stressed out, over half an hour late, cursing Boris Johnson, and in need of a large glass of wine!

Once I stepped through the doors I knew I was going to be ok. First impressions were great! Not only did everyone in the place seem to know the eponymous "Sam", who in turn treated them all like regulars, but the relaxed atmosphere draws you in straight away. With it's warehouse vibe Sam's instantly reminded me of New York. It has that buzzy atmosphere which is perfect for a date: loud enough to feel popular but quiet enough to feel intimate.

Talking of intimate… if you're going on a date whether it be first, second or third you have to sit in one of the 2 person booths at the bar - they are made for romance! Tucked up to a wall on one side, and open to the bar on the other, you've again got the perfect combination of intimate and lively, not to mention a whole host of punters at the bar to provide you with conversation topics should you be running short!

The Better Half and I tucked into a delicious meal of seasonal food, chosen from the incredibly varied and impressive menu. I enjoyed my British asparagus whilst being grateful I'd managed to veto his choice of the ominously named "pigs head". We were also very impressed with the wine list which was extensive but also very good value for London. If one of you is driving the 500ml carafe is also a great alternative to sharing a bottle - and terribly Continental!

It's also worth mentioning (although we haven't done an official GDG review) that on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month Sam's plays host to some fabulous Jazz singers. Could be the perfect option if you want something a little bit different for a Sunday date?

Date wise this place ticks all the right boxes. The food and service are great, but more importantly the atmosphere is perfect for a romance. In our opinion this is is a classic early days option.

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  1. Sounds great...just one question..what's the bill like at the end of the meal? Good value?

  2. It is not cheap and cheerful but yes, for the quality of the food I thought it was really good value. The wine was particularly well priced though, whites starting at £14.50 a bottle which is pretty amazing for London!

  3. I've been. Loved it. Great vibe. Even better - Roger Daltrey was at the table next to me. Definite seal of approval!