Wednesday, 9 June 2010

top 5 cinema dates

Just when we thought summer was here....

Still, we hear the weather will be better next week, so in the meantime we suggest you console yourselves with the staple of romancing heritage that is the cinema date. With competition for the top spots high, these five outstanding establishments have proved their worth by offering much more than just a movie.

1. Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

With enormous comfy chairs at the front, two seater sofa's at the back (more of a bed really) and a bar in the auditorium, it's a clear winner in our view.

2. Everyman Cinema, Hampstead

More two seaters (club suites) and space for a bottle of bubbly, it's not the cheapest but it's sure to impress any date.

3. Ritzy, Brixton

Old fashioned elegance with all the trimmings. There's even a bar upstairs with live music, DJ nights and stand up comedy. Talk about mixing it up!

4. Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey

This ultra stylish small capacity but big screened beauty hasn't quite decided whether it is a bar or a cinema. We think it excels at both.

5. BFI IMAX, South Bank

Perhaps less romantic than the other venues, this cinema is for all you technophiles out there. The screen is MASSIVE and they've wisely introduced, you guessed it, double seats! Need we say more?


  1. The electric is my all time favourite

  2. Have to agree with you! Movie + wine + leather armchairs makes for a great experience!