Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Richmond Park

If you're familiar with The Great Date Guide you'll probably already know that we LOVE Richmond Park. You'll also know that we like to practice what we preach so, on a hungover, misty Sunday morning Miss Mary headed off to the park for a romantic stroll with her other half….

Waking up on Sunday morning after the fantastic wedding of one of my best friends (wondering why the clocks going back doesn't seem to have made any difference) my thoughts went something like this:

1) Why did I buy those cheep shoes? My feet are KILLING me! I did look good though ;)
2) Boy the wine was good. And the staff were excellent at refilling, and refilling, and refilling….
3) Our taxi driver should have his licence removed. I blame him for early on-set hangover.
4) Whose idea was it to get up (out of this warm, cosy bed) and drive out to Richmond and go for a walk in the rain? Mine? Well, it was a good one at the time…

Remembering it was my own plan, and never one to back down, I grabbed my boots, grabbed my other half, and headed off to the park.

After a quick cup of coffee in one of the park's many cafes we set off into the wild. OK not quite wild, but the nearest thing you'll get in London. It took about two seconds to realise that this was the perfect remedy for a hangover. Richmond Park is beautiful. At any time of year it always seams to revitalise, but on a misty autumn morning the colours are especially enchanting. It might have been the hangover talking but looking around it felt like watching on old TV with the volume turned down - all faded colours and muted sounds - breathtaking.

We headed up through ancient woodland to the White Lodge (home of the Royal Ballet Lower School and a memorable scene from Billy Elliot!) and then down again to the two huge lakes in the middle of the park.

At the first lake we witnessed an amazing show of machismo from a couple of feisty swans. Each determined to show the other who was boss, no doubt to win the affection of the lady next door. Then, at the second lake we saw part two of the story: swans in love! Watching their elaborate courtship ritual we felt like extras in a David Attenborough programme, finding ourselves whispering in classic documentary style… Leaving the lovers behind for a bit of privacy we tramped on through the park, hands held, feeling strangely euphoric and in love with the world!

Two hours, and a lot of fresh air, later we headed back towards the car park passing some seriously impressive stags on our way. Those guys definitely know a thing or two about dating techniques...

So, Richmond Park in the Autumn - a good place for a date? YES! If you're anything like us you'll leave all your worries at the car park and enjoy a couple of hours of fresh air and getting back to nature. We'd both had pretty hectic weeks so it was a great place to catch up, reconnect and just spend some time together, without distractions. 

It's London, but not as you know it.


  1. I LOVE Richmond Park - usually go in the Summer but those pictures look beautiful!

    Just need to find a free weekend :)

  2. Sounds like you had a gorgeous day… great photo's too!