Thursday, 5 May 2011

…And the winner is…

So, we have our lucky winners for the fabulous Big Tomato Company mug competition!

We had such fun looking through all your entries for a modern 'his and hers' mug pair - may we say that you are all geniuses?! 

Some of our favourites were 'Breadwinner & Spendthrift', 'Bro & Ho' and 'Stud & Stud-ette'. 

The winning entry has been chosen by Big Tomato Company themselves, so a big round of applause to our lucky winner with their brilliant entry, 'Other half & Better half'. 

The runners up prizes go to:

'Bonnie & Clyde'
'Beauty & Beast'
'Always right & Always wrong'

We'll be in touch with the winners directly, but congratulations again and a huge thank you to all who entered.

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