Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A date at Aubin Cinema

Miss Mary went on a truly great date last week and loved every minute of it. Partly because the thrill of going to Shoreditch, for a girl from Battersea, still feels like one big adventure...

If I'm honest, I think this is a pretty perfect date! I met my date at Liverpool Street Station and ambled up to Shoreditch via the cobbled streets of Spitalfields, past the quirky Dennis Severs House (for our next date perhaps?) and on up to Redchurch Street. We timed it just right (i.e. half an hour before they close the kitchens) and so were able to grab a drink on the fab roof terrace at the Boundary. If you're not allowed up, or you're out of season then head to Albion, the ground floor cafe at the Boundary, for a quick drink and a bite to eat.
Aubin Aubin
Aubin Cinema is then a short stumble (depending on how much wine you've had!) from the Boundary. We picked up our tickets and headed down to the basement where we found a cute retro bar and and a couple of very trendy, very helpful members of staff! We were just in time to grab another dink which we took into the cinema itself - yes, this is one of those proper cinemas where the wine goes with you! Once inside we were struck by how cosy and intimate the cinema was and by the overwhelming comfort and romance of the velvet seats! We've got to recommend the two seater sofas which, complete with tartan blanket, provide the perfect place to snuggle up with your date. 
Even the loos at Aubin are stylish, stocked with delicious Cowshed products from the Soho House group (of which Aubin is a part)...
As the films usually start quite late (around 9.15pm) I'm guessing (like me!) you're going to have the munchies when you resurface up on the pavement. So, I have the perfect solution: head to The Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, a legendary 24 hour bakery which serves the finest salt beef bagels in all of London!
Oh and if you too live in Battersea, then let me tell you that the marvelous 344 bus goes all the way there and back - easy!

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