Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's deal o'clock

It's January, we're heading for a double-dip recession and lets face it, money's tight. Well, if I've succeeded in depressing you with my very first sentence, let me lift your spirits with news of some tip top nightlife deals, courtesy of our pals at Design my night are all about finding you a perfectly tailored night out for the right price and with the launch of their 'deals' section, you'll get all this with a fabulous discount too!

Take this week's special deal. Head for some serious deep South fare at Shaker & Company, a wonderful New Orleans inspired cocktail bar near Regent's Park.  Enjoy two delicious shaker cocktails, brought to you by some serious cocktail experts, in combination with a vast array of true American soul food, all for just £15. Yes my friends, that's a 50% discount... for nothing!
So if you're in need of a night out and you're after some info on London's best bars, pubs and nightlife, head directly to, and let them, quite literally, 'design your night'.

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  1. cool idea) really, if u want to receive something special at night from the surroundings -why not arrange everything in a style u want? cool!