Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Great Date Guide & Lovestruck

We're soooo excited about this one! 

The idea is this: Dating should be fun, interesting and exciting and quite frankly in London, it should be spectacular! Now you regular GDG followers will of course know all of this already, but how to spread the word to London's dating population? How to persuade the masses to ditch their boring dinner for two and use this glorious city for all it's worth?! 

Well, we think we've found the answer. We've teamed up with the fabulous Lovestruck, London's leading online dating service, and are going to be offering their members a monthly GDG date suggestion. What's more, each month we will be giving away said date to a lucky 'Lovestrucker' (or several) for free! Isn't that just amazing?!

This month's suggestion and prize is the truly original and inspirational Romantic London tour by smallcarBIGCITY. It's hard to describe just how cool this date really is, but if you can imagine smoothing your way around London's most romantic spots with Barry White in the background (no, not literally), champagne and chocolates, perhaps you'll get the idea at least. 

So if you're single, you love London and you like getting something for nothing, sign up to Lovestruck today - for free of course - and this fabulous date could be yours!

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