Monday, 6 February 2012

Ditch the Fancy Dinner...

Miss Mary has asked her friends at TasterLab to give her their suggestions for a fun and frugal alternative to the typical Valentine's dinner... Take a look at what they have to say!
The idea of Valentine’s Day immediately conjures up images of candles, white tablecloths and a dozen red roses... Something about all of the hearts and red and pink stuff feels a little, well, clichéd and maybe just a bit boring, right? It’s doubtful that years later you’ll turn and look lovingly into your man/woman’s eyes and say, “Darling, remember that tender moment we shared over a plate of meatballs on Valentine’s Day?”  
While this ubiquitous Valentine’s celebration is the old standby and usually goes over pretty well - why not make this year an occasion you’ll never forget?
One sure fire way to make certain the time you spend with your significant other will be remembered forever is to try something new together - you know, mix it up a little. This is what TasterLab is all about - encouraging Londoners to get out there and do something different. 
Clearly attending a cocktail making class and whipping up some delicious creations together is a lot more memorable (unless you enjoy the cocktails a little too much!) than just being served a bottle of wine in a stuffy restaurant. 
Beyond the hilarity that could ensue from trying something together for the first time, it doesn’t get more exciting or thoughtful than surprising your partner with something completely unexpected like a romantic evening of tango or a private cooking class for two. 
So in honour of discovering something new and perhaps something new about each other in the process, below are some of TasterLab’s best experiential tasters to share with your other half in celebration of the most romantic day of the year.
And for those of you without a specific Valentine in mind this year, we also have arranged a special TasterLab event at Open Kitchen where you’ll get to wine, dine and learn a few things about cooking up an amazing meal all in a room with 19 other lovely singles (10 guys and 10 girls). And just maybe you’ll meet someone to share one of these amazing experiences with next year? Click here for more info.

Don’t just eat a meal - learn how to create it and all the techniques involved so you can do Valentine’s dinner as many times as you like. Two experienced Italian chefs will come to your own kitchen and show you all the tricks to making a delicious meal - a starter of Vegetable Crème with Scallops, homemade Taglioteli with seafood Al cartoccio and a dessert of spicy mousse of black chocolate. A bottle of white wine is included. 
Tango is absolutely the most sensual and passionate of all the dance styles. While it might sound a little intimidating - this group beginner’s class means you won’t be the only couple stumbling around. And even if you discover that you aren’t the next world champion ballroom dance couple, it is really nice to have a laugh together, right? Plus, the classes take place in two excellent venues - one of which, the Union Tavern, doubles as a gastropub stocked with more than 80 wines. So if it takes three to tango (you, your partner and a glass of wine), the option definitely exists.
Why go out and spend a bunch of money on drinks when you can spend just a little and learn how to turn your own home into a lovely drink destination? Celebrate Valentine’s a day early (classes are on Mondays) with a cocktail making class with your significant other. One of London’s leading mixologists, Dan Thomson, will lead you and the rest of the group in learning everything you need to know to create everything from the classics to a delicious original creation of your own. 
Rather than the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers or perfume, give your partner the gift of an adventurous experience with you on the Thames. Active 360 has put together a lovely couples’ package of a two hour paddleboarding lesson followed by a romantic meal for two at one of several delicious restaurants including traditional British, French and Italian options. This couples’ class can be redeemed any time before the 31st of October so feel free to wait until the weather is a little more favorable for outdoor activities. 

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