Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DoingSomething Fun?

We're really chuffed to bring you a guest post from our pals at the truly exciting internet dating site, 'DoingSomething', where picking a great date is about more than just choosing the right person. It's sort of what you'd get if you stir-fried a standard internet dating site with, let's say, The Great Date Guide. Come to think of it, why on earth didn't we think of that?!!! Well, we think they're just fab, and with the runaway success they're having, they're here to stay. Time then to get in on the action…

London’s latest addition to the dating scene is turning internet
 dating on its head - and giving it it a good old shake until fun falls out of its pockets. 

If you haven’t heard of DoingSomething yet, you soon will. It's the
‘new dating site everyone’s talking about’, so says Grazia.
 It's a really simple idea and it's growing fast.

The premise: Dating’s more FUN when you’re DoingSomething.


So out goes the long profile description with what you and your best
friend got up to aged 5, and in comes meeting someone and DoingSomething 
fun. Hence the name. It could mean anything from catching the latest
 Pop Up Screening, going for a game of free ping pong in one of 
London’s parks, or doing something super zany like walking across the 
roof of the 02. Yes, you can do that.

DoingSomething takes away the inherent awkwardness on a first date, and what's more, what people say they want to do gives a really neat snapshot of who they 
are. Someone who suggests Roller Disco as a date idea is most likely a
 different sort of person to someone who suggests a medieval tapestry weaving
 weekend retreat. You can add as many different dates as you want to 
your profile - so there’s no need to feel ‘boxed’ in. But you catch
 our drift. 

All in all it takes dating and lightens it up a bit.  

Paul, a
 DoingSomething member, says; ‘It's much more fun than other dating sites. It 
doesn’t feel like people are on there desperately searching for the 
love of their life. It’s more about Londoners with a sense of humour, 
out to have a good time.’

 Sounds good to us. 

It’s free to make a profile on DoingSomething, so come on, get going today!


  1. Thanks for sharing this one.
    Nice topic.

  2. This one interest me alot! I've been trying different dating sites and no luck I haven't met my ideal guy. I think I'll gonna try your site since the testimonial of Paul triggers me to do so. Thanks for this one and I hope that through your site I will be able to meet my dream guy.

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