Friday, 3 August 2012

London Wonderground: A great place for a date

One of our intrepid daters dropped us an email today to say that they'd discovered the London Wonderground earlier in the week and reckoned it made a pretty great date! This is what they had to say...

We stumbled upon this amazing site when strolling down the Southbank on a glorious Wednesday afternoon. The excitement built as we could see the fairground ride towering above the Thames, just below the London Eye. Our inner child couldn’t resist the thought of swinging around a pole at stratospheric heights over the gorgeous city of London!

The temporary Wonderground has two fairground rides, including this carousel at dizzying heights, and a slightly tamer roller-coaster. On approaching the rides, we soon realised that there is loads more to this festival than just two fab rides. At the centre of London Wonderground is a seating area that looks like John Wayne could appear at any moment, surrounded by charming wooden stalls hosted by the likes of Pimms and Magners. Delicious. Could this festival have been made for us?!? There are wonderful nooks and crannies to hide in and talk the evening away and soak up the atmosphere of London’s Southbank.

Following our refreshment of Pimms in a secluded, wooded corner of the festival, we explored the area to find that there was so much more to drink in: cabaret, comedy and music. We didn’t have time to indulge further but we will certainly be back, armed with a plan. This time we had an appointment to make at Wahaca which was the perfect way to end our exhilarating day at the fair: a vibrant, distracting and delicious venue to complement our adventures down the road!

The London Wonderground can be found at Jubilee Gardens, off Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

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