Friday, 24 September 2010

Brilliant Restaurant

To kick start my 'curry makes a great date crusade', GDG was treated to a very pleasurable evening at the Brilliant Restaurant in Southall last night, an Indian Restaurant made famous by Mr Gordon Ramsay himself. 

Whilst Southall (where?) may not be renowned as one of London's top culinary hotspots, we had been assured by a fairly reliable source that this would be the finest curry we would ever taste. So, full of anticipation, we made the long trek west, enjoying several highlights along the way such as a fried chicken shop called 'XFC' (looking remarkably similar to Colonel Sanders' well known Kentucky eatery), and an electrical goods shop called 'A Shoka'. Well, it kept us entertained anyway…

Dinner itself was no disappointment. A range of tandoori chicken starters along with generous portions of Kenyan style Tilapia fish was a mouthwatering start. Our mains were the outstanding Methi Chicken, their signature dish, and Chicken Palak, a combination of succulent chicken with freshly chopped spinach in a delicious masala sauce. Perfection. The staff were cheery and attentive, much buoyed by their recent Ramsay-driven fame (the F Word episode featuring Brilliant Restaurant was proudly played on a large flat screen TV). We dined like Marharaja's.

Well, if you name your restaurant 'Brilliant', you sort of have to deliver, don't you...  

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