Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Cineroleum

NEWS FLASH!  Tickets for the 4th & final weekend (9th - 12th September) of The Cineroleum go on sale at 4pm today.

Here at the Great Date Guide we've been telling you all summer about the fabulous Cineroleum, or in their own words: "a derelict petrol station on Clerkenwell Road transformed into a hand-built cinema celebrating the extravagance and ceremony of the picture palace".

This afternoon tickets will go on sale for their final instalment of films, a smorgasboard of cinematic classics ranging from Badlands to the 1949 film noir classic The Third Man. Tickets are £5 each and we reckon that's a small price to pay for one of the most original dates in London this summer.

Tickets are available through the website but be quick, the previous films have all been sell outs…

For more tips on a original things to do in London then check out our website by clicking here.

Happy Thursday - the week's nearly over!



  1. This place looks fantastic! Gutted I'm not around this weekend...

  2. Lets hope more and more of them pop up around town

  3. Our thoughts exactly! It's such a great idea :)