Saturday, 4 September 2010

Little London Observationist

Miss Mary is very proud to feature in this weeks Listen to a Londoner, the weekly Q&A session from one of our favourite blogs, Little London Observationist. Packed full of everything that we love about London, this is a blog about what makes a London life a fabulous life.

Here's a sneaky peek at part of the interview, head to Little London Observationist for the rest!

LLO: Would you consider London a romantic city?
Miss Mary: Absolutely! Although, I believe that any city can be romantic if you approach it with the right attitude. It’s less about the city – more about how you interact with it. That is one of the reasons we started the website, to help people find the great dating spots in London that might otherwise have passed them by. I do think London is special though, and full of quirky romantic places.

LLO: Where’s the best place for a date in your postcode?
Miss Mary: For a first date, I think my local pub, the Lighthouse in Battersea, is pretty perfect! There’s a great garden for the summer and a roaring fire in the winter. The atmosphere is seriously relaxed so you can start off with a glass of wine, and if the date is going well you can settle in and order food. If the date is going really well you can finish off with a romantic stroll around Battersea Park and then reward yourself with a cheeky kiss on Albert Bridge – definitely the most romantic bridge in London!

LLO: Tell us about the best date you’ve ever had in London.
Miss Mary: I’m in the lucky position of having had lots of wonderful dates in London with my boyfriend. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I think I’d have to say when we took a day trip to Greenwich. Taking the boat down the river, you’re really reminded what a fantastic city London is. Then in Greenwich there is so much to do: fascinating museums, beautiful art, colourful markets, romantic walks with spectacular views, not to mention standing on the line where time officially starts! We finished off the date with a delicious meal at the Rivington Grill and then a very tipsy boat ride home in the dark, mesmerised by the lights of London and the romance of it all. It was a perfect day.


  1. I am in love with the idea of your Greenwich Day trip date. Sounds amazing! I so-oooo have to recreate that one day :)


  2. I've only just noticed this comment - sorry!!!

    Have you recreated the Greenwich Day Date yet? You really should - it is such a fantastic way to see London and to spend time with someone fun :)