Thursday, 16 September 2010


It's the wonderful Brick Lane Curry Festival this Sunday, during which over 200 chefs and 50 local restaurants will 'curr-ify' the whole of... yes, you guessed it, Brick Lane. It's got me wondering why, despite the British obsession with this eastern delight, 'going for a curry' does not feature more highly in the rankings of dating options?

I know very few people who don't like curry. In fact, most people I know simply LOVE the stuff. Yet I've never been taken to a curry house on a first date, and I'm not convinced that I'd have been particularly impressed if I had. Sure, I've had many a romantic night in with a take-away, and an evening out at our local Indian is definitely a treat, but for some reason I simply can't imagine being taken there on a first, or even second or third date. 

I wonder why? Is it because we don't consider it exciting enough? (If anyone else is mourning the loss of Westbourne Grove's Urban Turban you'll surely disagree with this one...) Is it because we can't shake off the image of drunken boys and that awful Vindaloo song? Is it simply because, with one on every other corner of London, it just seems a bit too easy?

Whatever the reason, I vote for a change of heart and am hereby promoting the return of the curry house as a dating staple. So how about kicking it all off with a day of exotic gluttony at the Brick Lane Curry Festival, in… yes, Brick Lane.

Miss Mary x


  1. Now Varun Jha, are you referring to our rather artistic photo, or to the festival itself?!