Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Classic Mini Tour Around London!

Do you love London? Do you love the quirkiness of the iconic Mini Cooper?

If you've answered yes to both these questions then not only do you think like us (!) but you'll also love our latest featured date: Classic Mini Tour.

This is a great date for a special occasion (we're thinking birthday, anniversary etc.) but it's equally good for a spontaneous weekend date. The guys at smallcarBIGCITY are incredibly accommodating so ring them up, talk through your plans and then sort out a trip that works for you.

You'll be picked up from the location of your choice (home, a hotel, train station etc.) by a classic Mini Cooper complete with a charming driver! Feel free to ask for a bit of peace and quiet if you want but we'd recommend quizzing your driver on his London knowledge as you weave your way around town - some of the facts at their fingertips are amazing and will certainly give you and your date something to talk about afterwards!  We would also suggest giving your driver a bit of an itinerary. If the date is a present for your man what about London's famous sporting sites? If it's a gift for the lady in your life then how about famous romantic scenes from films?  Whatever your taste make sure you tell smallcarBIGCITY in advance as they will tailor the tour to your specific requirements.

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