Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Looking for a date? Introducing

Have a read of this excellent guest blog from our friends at Dating Trail. They're a one-stop-shop for all your dating needs and we can't recommend them highly enough.

Well all know that The Great Date Guide is a wonderful site (flattery will get you everywhere) for those that have already met someone and have started the exciting process of dating. Let’s, however, spare a thought for those of us still looking to meet someone special to go on dates with… what about us?!

Organised dating in the UK has undergone something of a revolution over the last ten years or so. With the introduction of online dating, speed dating, lock and key parties and so on, there have never been more ways to find 'the one'. With an increasingly mobile population and the sense that it’s OK to be single for longer, the whole world of relationships as changed dramatically - people are happier to play the field and there’s no longer a social stigma attached to attending dating events. There’s a whole universe of possibilities when you decide to embark on finding someone, but where on earth do you start? Enter stage left, was founded by Andrew Summersgill and Richard Speigal, online serial entrepreneurs based in London. “The dating market in the UK is fragmented and there are so many companies offering services to help people meet. We launched in order to build a hub for the UK dating market and give consumers an impartial place to find out about all their dating options in one place” says Speigal. covers all things dating and lists 99% of all the speed dating events and parties taking place in the UK. They also list and review the most popular online dating sites and provide search options that allow people to easily find the best company for them. Users can use a simple postcode search to find a list of local events, compare organisers based on reviews from past customers and make an educated choice. also publishes professional editorial reviews of online dating sites and awards ratings based upon a number of factors enabling users to make the right choice. No other site provides such a comprehensive overview of options for the UK’s single population.

Good dating advice can be hard to find. has 10 writers that regularly contribute articles that can really help to kick-start your love life. You’ll find advice on everything from what to wear, right through to cognitive techniques that could improve your success when meeting your matches for the first time.

Being a hub for the dating industry means that is always first to know when a new dating company launches and when the exciting new products are launched. Follow their twitter feed @dating_trail for regular updates.

If you’re looking for someone special we’d recommend you start your search at – the number one guide to dating in the UK.

Well said Dating Trail. So come on, go and find yourself that special someone - because the sooner you get dating, the sooner you can try out all of the fantastic date ideas at The Great Date Guide!


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