Thursday, 17 February 2011

What is flirting?

Have a squiz below at an extract from a GDG guest blog commissioned by the lovely people at Flirtomatic… For the full article, click here!


What is flirting, why is it important and how often should we do it…?

Hello to all you lovely Flirts from The Great Date Guide! Our friends here at Flirtomatic have kindly given us this opportunity to share our thoughts on the great flirting debate, so here we are!
Well, in our humble opinion, flirting is both a crucial and brilliantly fun part of the dating game and life would be very dull without it. Yet how often have you, or someone you’ve known landed in deep water as a result of the seemingly innocent flirt? Have you ever been irritated by someone who flirts too much, or hurt by someone whose flirting did not mean what you hoped?


  1. I'm in a long term relationship now and I miss flirting - maybe I should start it up again!

  2. Here are a few tips and signs for flirting for both guys and girls thats actually worth it... Its from the Fastest Guide to Flirting by Melinda Cox...