Sunday, 27 February 2011

Five Quirky Places to Grab a Snog With Your Date!

The Queen of Quirky, Miss Em Bell, has given us her favourite 5 weird and wonderful date suggestions for the best places to grab a cheeky snog with your date... Have a read and let us know what you think!

If you feel like being a bit old school romantic, and don't mind a wee road trip to get there, then the perfect (yet pricey!) choice is The Grange Park Opera. Based in Northington, Hampshire, it is truly spectacular and if you're a fan of the opera, it's an absolute must. Based in the gardens of the most stunning house in the world, you actually feel like you are in Pride and Prejudice and if you are going to spend money to listen to people sing, then I would definitely go here.

Now, so far so good, but if you are really wanting to get a snog, then prepare a scrummy picnic for the evening and book a picnic spot. You can then lay out your rug, drink your bottle of bubbly, nibble on cucumber sandwiches and enjoy the voices of angels. You have to book in advance but believe me it's worth it. Grab your birthday suit and a ticket and get your butt there.

What better way to feel up your date, than in a completely pitch black dining room. It's utterly perfect. Even if you have a bit of extra squidge from Christmas or a massive spot on your face, you can hide behind the cover of darkness, not to mention your hysterical chat… Based on Clerkenwell Green in East London, it really is one of the weirdest nights out and with your eyesight compromised you literally have no idea whether you are eating fish, meat or vegetables. I also lost my knife and fork in the first five minutes so I wasn't looking so peachy when I stepped into the light again.

The food isn't much to write home about and in the dark they could be serving you anything but go for the surprise menu and it's a great way to get drunk, flirt, and work out what the blooming heck is on your plate. It's great. They even run speed dating nights there so it obviously works for everyone, especially people wanting their date to see their inner goodness?!

One of my favourite spots in the WORLD is a place called Woolacombe and boy is it great. Well it kind of better be if it’s one of my favourite places in the world! Summer or winter, rain or shine. I truly love it. Now, overlooking the rocking town of Woolacombe is a wee camp site with its own personal ocean view, filled with wooden surf cabins. With these you get a radiator, mini plasma television and a beer fridge. Seriously what more could you want. In the winter, you can hang out on the cliffs, drink cider looking at the waves and eat a scrummy fry up in the local cafe. In the summer you can have a bbq on your deck while the sun goes down, surf the waves and dance your butt off at the Morisco Disco. And the best thing about all of this is that it only costs £20 a night. Screw the normal B & B rates; this is the coolest place you will ever stay with a five star view. So pack up your car with a lot of duvets, movies and food and get yourself down to Europa Park in Woolacombe. Bet you a fry up you will go back again…

If you want to eat sweeties all day and jump up and down... Well so do I. Sounds way more fun than sitting at a desk, which is why you should get your tooshie to one of the most scream, shout, stamp your foot and pull your hair like a child destinations around. The ninetyeight bar and lounge in Shoreditch is utterly cool. And to make you feel even cooler, it was a member’s bar until 13 weeks ago so get your butt there before everyone else finds out about it. You’ll feel like you’re walking around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, there’s a guy wearing a bowling hat on the door and you can nibble on strawberry sherbet until you are bouncing off the walls. It’s like PG fun with alcohol. I love it. Totally brilliant. I feel all giggly and silly already…

Now this is random but completely brilliant, especially if you want to release the inner hippie in you. There's a dude called Matthew, who has been mushroom hunting for 15 years, and hand in hand with your date, he will show you round the forest and help you select the ultimate mushrooms for your supper. The courses start at 10am at Sadgrove farm for coffee. You then head off into the surrounding woods where Matthew shares his identifying and preserving techniques. I mean after this you could live without Tesco and your local corner shop, hand in hand with your neighbour and your vegetable patch. There is nothing cooler these days. You then forage for about three hours and head back to cook two dishes from the food you have gathered. How manly and prehistoric. I love it. So get back in touch with our ancestors and get yourself booked in for a course. It's £150 and I would definitely call you my boyfriend after this.

Thanks to Em Bell, the weirdest woman we know, for sharing her tips on quirky dates. You can read more about Em’s weird and wonderful life on her website….


  1. I love Woolacombe too - you did forget the best crazy golf course ever though... great list Em!

  2. We know the golf course you mean! Just over the road, above the beach :)